Create the requested Rubber Monsters before your bath time ends! Click on the screen to create a tiny, but powerful swirl to attract parts and merge them together so they don't go down the drain. Be careful to not break the repaired Monsters and be fast before the water runs out.


Click and hold to create swirls.


Collaborative Game Design :)

Jessica Azambuja - Art
Lair Raupp - Sound Design and Music
Luísa Cecília - Production
Rodrigo Nietiedt - Code
Thiago Guardad - Code

Global Game Jam 2020 - Theme: Repair

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsLuCecyl, Thiago Guardado Beltran, Jessica Azambuja, LAIRINLAIR
Made withUnity


Download 30 MB
RubberMonstersBathTime_v2.0.rar 27 MB

Install instructions

Extract zip and run "Rubber Monsters Bath Time.exe" file! Have fun!


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Very fun game to play!!
The art is very cute, and the music fits very well with the art and gameplay.

Also loved the gameplay idea, made me want to play over and over after losing!

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One of the best games of this Jam by far.

Thank you very much 😊 we’re glad you liked! 

Achei a arte muito bonita.
A única coisa que eu adicionaria no jogo é uma barra de tempo nos pedidos, pra saber qual é o mais urgente e quanto tempo falta pra poder preparar.


Muito obrigada pelos feedbacks Jana s2



Estamos analisando possibilidades para melhorar. 

This was cute, I enjoyed it. Great job!

🥳 Thanks! We appreciate it!